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Mr Foo's Original Dog Water Bottle Stand

Lisa McKinney


Lisa is the original creator of this Water Bottle Stand since 2000. This stand has helped many pets around the world. It simply functions to keep faces dry, clean and sanitary while quenching your pets thirst.

Every water bottle stand comes with a 32oz Lixit bottle. We offer the stands in white color which will ship out right away or we offer in many colors/designs, which will take time to complete and take longer to receive.

                     See Below                      

                 Made in America

Brown Wooden Surface


The simple sturdy design is easy to use for anyone. It works for extra small to medium sized pets. Depending on the floor make sure the water bottle stand is level and on a surface that the stand will not slide away from the pet when they drink. Sometimes placing a rubber mat/rug under the stand can be helpful. It keeps pets faces dry and sanitary and no more yucky germ filled water bowls!      

Dark Wood Panels


Stand: 17 1/4 inches tall, base 6 3/4" wide

Nozzle is 10 1/4 to 11 inches from the floor


Weight: Stand/bottle is 2lbs. 2.5oz

Weight: Packaged ready to ship 3lbs, 18 x 8 x 8

 Make sure your pet will drink from a water bottle before purchase.

We are not responsible for sloppy drinkers! :)

Dark Wood

Design is Key

The Lixit water bottle nozzle fits tight in the narrow opening of the water bottle stand, which keeps the nozzle from wobbling back and forth during use. This feature also holds the bottle at a precise & proper angle to reduce and eliminate dripping. The wide base is heavy duty PVC to prevent tip overs and to keep the stand in place. The water bottle nozzle twists off for easy filling, easy to clean with mild soap and NOT dishwasher safe. There are no small plastic pieces to break off and the water bottle stand will never rust. Yes, the glass Lixit water bottles fit but, we do not offer them. The design & size makes it easy to transport from place to place keeping your pet hydrated.

Tip: Special instructions come with every order to get the nozzle started on the right track.

Here is a tip for all you newbies, place peanut butter or tuna on the nozzle to entice your pet to drink and be patient when switching from a bowl to the water bottle stand.


Watercolor Plants
Lixit has 2 different size nozzles for the 32oz bottles that fit into the stand, the large nozzle and the small nozzle.
We package every water bottle stand with the large nozzle.
If your pet has trouble handling the flow of water with the large nozzle stop by the store or order the smaller nozzle to make your pet more comfortable. Even thou the smaller nozzle does not stand out as far as the large one when in the stand, it still works just fine for your pet but, the nozzle does not fit as tight in the slit.

Want a Special Color or Effect?


Ordering a Colored/Decorated Stand will take longer to receive because of the process to complete. We do have a few complete with no wait time on the

"Buy Stand" tab below located on Ebay.

We use a high grade epoxy to seal in the look and will not turn yellow!

Solid Colors
Neon Colors
Pearl Colors

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