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Thirsty  Pet Water Bottle Stand

Ideal gift for extra small to

medium sized Dogs & Cats

& many other animals too!

Our Heavy Duty BPA Free Water Bottles stay put in the stand with every lick to the spout/adapter. This adapter helps to keep faces Dry,

Clean & Sanitary!

Total weight: 2lbs 8.9oz.

9 L x 9 W x 19.25 H


Our water bottle stand design is sleek, heavy duty & you can add your own stickers/bling to the stand. See more pictures below!


The Nozzle height is flexible to move with just a twist from the knob to loosen and adjust from 4.5 inches off the floor to 14 inches from the floor. 

Every Water Bottle Stand  Includes:                          
1 x Hand Cut PVC Water Bottle Stand

1 x 32 oz Heavy Duty Clear Plastic Bottle,

(manufactured in USA)

1 x Water Bottle Adapter, (manufactured

in Taiwan)



Durable, safe, sleek, functional.

Pet faces stay dry keeping the face sanitary.

Easy to clean with mild soap.

Height adjustable for growing pets.

Convenient for busy pet owners.

Portable - Take just the bottle & adapter or take all.

Great for short nosed breeds.

For extra small to medium sized dogs/cats & other critters.

Easy to use

Add your own "Bling/Stickers" to personalize.


Add a 3/4" Fishing Bobber, to keep track of the water level


Design the look that you want for your Water Bottle Stand!


Use Stickers, bling it up & apply 3D items or Paint.


Note the base is a slightly different white than the tube. We only offer in the white color only.

It will never rust & no small

pieces to break off.



water bottle

adapter should be

at nose height so the

pet can tip their head up

slightly to drink from the


When they lick the mechanism on the adapter it allows the water to

flow out onto the tongue

quenching your pets


The stand also has helped

animals with health conditions such as cleft palate or neurological concerns to be

able to drink independently

 without assistance.

This is for all you "Die Hard" fans of the Lixit Water Bottle......

Just remove the 32oz bottle the stand comes with & add your own 32oz Lixit Bottle!   :)

Now Available


note when

making a purchase thru

this plateform to only order

one item at a time. Per the

shipping feature is unable to

calculate 2 or more



Thirsty  Pet Water Bottle Stand

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