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Our Thirsty Pet Water Bottle Stand is a HIT !!!

Self Waterer & Portable & Height Adjustable!

Ryan's Shih Tzu is a small private hobby Shih Tzu breeder in Illinois. Our goal is to better the breed. We do have puppies available occasionally & easily available in Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana, Illinois & Missouri.

Located in Illinois:

2.0 hrs from Chicago,

1.5 hrs from Iowa City,

4.5 hrs from St. Louis Missouri,

1.5 hrs from Wisconsin.

Tel: 815-499-8170


Licensed Breeder

County Inspected/AKC Inspected

Welcome to the  Past, Present & Future of Ryan's Shih Tzu

The Puppy Socializers




We strive to create healthy, happy & structurally sound

Shih Tzu.

Sometimes we offer older Shih Tzu puppies & young adults.

We offer Shih Tzu puppies for adoption to the public on occasion.

Always placed in nurturing & responsible homes!



Every year we strive to make a difference with improving this beloved breed & so blessed to work with others who have the same intentions.

Below you will find "M.J." Named after his dam Mira & his sire James.

Ryan N Jolisse's It Takes 2 To Tango, Already acting like a superstar flaunting his first wins in the show ring.


Spay & Neuter Agreement

Health Guarantee

American Kennel Club - AKC Registerable

We can refer you to a Pet Nanny to transport your shih tzu to your location

We DO NOT place/sell Shih Tzu  just for breeding purposes

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Shih tzu puppies for sale in Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Missouri, Minnesota & USA.