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On this page you will find current love matches with their offspring

or planned future breeding's. If you are interested in an up

coming litter or current puppy, please email me for more information.

If I don't have anything available I can refer you to someone I trust.

Remember puppies don't sit on shelfs waiting for their new owners,

breedings are planned when the girls decide.

shih tzu pup for sale

shih tzu pup for sale

Click Here to fill out Puppy Adoption Form (Word Document)

shih tzu pup for sale

Up date on future litters possibly coming in November 2014:

Citrine above was bred and keeping fingers crossed for pups and

they all will be gold & white, to be born November,

ultra sound scheduled for October 25th.

Ruby above was bred and pups will be born November 2014,

expecting gold/white & red/white pups.

If you are interested in a future puppy an adoption form needs to be in place

for consideration. Thank You!

shih tzu pup for sale

I feed only the BEST food to my dogs!


Click here to find out why

shih tzu pup for sale

Easy way to potty train your dog at any age.

shih tzu pup for sale

Were getting excited and planning our next

litters here at Ryan's Shih Tzu.

It all takes time and planning to produce our

next show puppy and we can not keep them all.

Shih tzu puppies for sale

Shih tzu puppies for sale

Sometimes we offer older Shih Tzu adults or older Shih Tzu puppies which have

been kept back to watch as show prospects.

When it is determine that they may not be suitable

for showing than they will be offered as pets

on a spay/neuter agreement.

All Ryan's Shih Tzu pet puppies are sold on AKC limited registration.

Shih tzu puppies for sale

Below you will find our extended family & past Shih tzu puppies.

Our Shih tzu puppies are

placed in responsible & nurturing homes! Enjoy!

Snookie & Lisa

Kit Zinnia & Laura